Dragonflies in Rhode Island

The colorful, predatory dragonflies can be seen near almost every lake, pond, river, and stream of Rhode Island in the summer. The species are widely spread throughout the state, present in almost all counties and townships. Some of the dragonflies enlisted here are rare, like the brook snaketail, while some are imperiled, like the taper-tailed darner.

Types of Dragonflies in Rhode Island

  • Common Green Darner
  • Common Baskettail
  • Twelve-spotted Skimmer
  • Widow Skimmer
  • Blue Dasher
  • Halloween Pennant
  • Ringed Boghaunter
  • Taper-tailed Darner
  • Allegheny River Cruiser
  • Coppery Emerald
  • Bar-winged Skimmer
  • Great Blue Skimmer
  • Brook Snaketail
  • Maine snaketail
  • Spine-crowned Clubtail
  • Unicorn Clubtail
  • Arrowhead Spiketail
  • Umber Shadowdragon