Dragonflies in Massachusetts

The dragonflies of Massachusetts range in size from ¾-inch to more than 3-inches in length. The common green darner is a large dragonfly living here while the Elfin skimmer is one of the smallest in entire North America.

The aerial predators can be found in the fields, forests, lakes, streams, swamps, and suburban lawns and gardens of the state. Sporting various bright colors like white, black, yellow, green, red, blue, and a range of color combinations, the insects are a feast for the eyes. Their pictures bear testimony to that and help in their identification.

Types of Dragonflies in Massachusetts

  • Twelve-spotted Skimmer
  • Widow Skimmer
  • Halloween Pennant
  • Eastern Pondhawk
  • Common Whitetail
  • Subarctic Darner
  • Eastern Amberwing
  • Elfin Skimmer
  • Seaside Dragonlet
  • Comet Darner
  • Common Green Darner
  • White-faced Meadowhawk

Dragonflies by Colors

Red Dragonflies: Comet Darner