Dragonflies in Georgia

More than 120 species of dragonflies inhabit Georgia. Of the various types found here, the clubtails are especially diverse in the state. A majority of them are strictly linked to rivers and streams. Many dragonflies occur throughout the state, but some are found only in certain parts at certain times of the year.

Types of Dragonflies in Georgia

  • Blue Dasher
  • Eastern Amberwing
  • Widow Skimmer
  • Slaty Skimmer
  • Eastern Pondhawk
  • Carolina Saddlebags
  • Four-spotted Pennant
  • Needham’s Skimmer
  • Lancet Clubtail
  • Common Sanddragon
  • Blackwater Clubtail
  • Eastern Ringtail
  • Dragonhunter
  • Edmund’s Snaketail
  • Say’s Spiketail
  • Yellow-sided Skimmer
  • Common Whitetail
  • Swift Setwing
  • Great Blue Skimmer
  • Painted Skimmer
  • Common Green Darner
  • Gray Petaltail