Cicadas in Wyoming

Wyoming is home to around 20 annual cicada species living in shrub, sagebrush, and grassland areas. They are so well camouflaged that you can hardly see them. But you can hear their loud buzzing sounds. The species found here are quite big, like the dog-day and giant grassland cicadas that are almost 2 inches long with wingspans exceeding 4 inches.

Types of Cicadas in Wyoming

  • Giant Grassland Cicada
  • Dog-Day Cicada
  • Putnam’s Cicada
  • Mountain Cicada
  • Plains Cicada
  • Walker’s Cicada
  • Okanagana cruentifera
  • Okanagana fratercula
  • Okanagana hesperia
  • Okanagana luteobasalis
  • Okanagana magnifica
  • Say’s Cicada
  • Okanagana striatipes
  • Walking Cicada
  • Salmonfly Cicada