Cicadas in Montana

Around 17 species of annual cicadas call Montana their home. No periodical cicadas occur in the state. The cicadas spend 2-5 years underground as nymphs feeding on the roots of trees. They come out of the ground to molt into their adult stage. The adults sing their mating songs from treetops. Their lives are short, as they die soon after mating and laying eggs.

Types of Cicadas in Montana

  • Plains Cicada
  • Bush Cicada
  • Mountain Cicada
  • Canadian Cicada
  • Okanagana fratercula
  • Okanagana gibbera
  • Okanagana hesperia
  • Okanagana luteobasalis
  • Okanagana occidentalis
  • Okanagana oregona
  • Say’s Cicada
  • Okanagana striatipes
  • Walking Cicada
  • Okanagana utahensis
  • Salmonfly Cicada
  • Putnam’s Cicada