Ants in Kentucky

Ants and their activities can be seen almost everywhere in Kentucky landscapes. There are dozens of ant species of small and large sizes with red, brown, or black bodies that live in colonies underground or in damp wood. The common big red ants of Kentucky are the red imported fire ants. Carpenter ants are the big black ants of the state. More Kentucky ants are listed below. All the common ants of the state are biting ants.

Types of Ants in Kentucky

Ants That Bite

  • Carpenter Ants
  • Cornfield Ants
  • Pavement Ants
  • Little Black Ant
  • Acrobat Ant
  • Red Imported Fire Ant
  • Black Imported Fire Ant
  • Alleghany Mound Ant
  • Asian Needle Ant
  • Thief Ant

Ants by Colors

Red Ants: Red Imported Fire Ant