About Us

Insects, bugs, creepy-crawlies — all these words inspire disgust and fear in most people. However, like God’s every creation, insects have their own amazing place in nature and even in our lives. And we at The Insect Guide are here to help you to see that and learn about every little ant and giant mantis out there. But you probably got that from the name of the site itself.

The people involved with The Insect Guide possess more than just a passing interest in bugs; they are knowledgable about their life — a bug’s life.

Pearl David

An ex-entomologist and a full-time mother, Pearl wanted to explore other avenues of life, but her passion remains the same. And now, she is here to impart her knowledge to make the world more informed.

Melanne Garner

Yet another student of life, Mel is also a student of Orthopterology. For those not sure what it means (and that will probably include many of you!), it is a study of crickets, grasshoppers, and other similar insects (order Orthoptera). Who better to teach the world some sympathy for these amazing groups of insects?

Daisy L. Brown

An arthropodology expert, Daisy is a part-time member of the Insect Guide Team. She helps us with the insect profiles to show the world how insects are so much more than disgusting little pests come to ruin all your grains.

Steven Gómez

The junior-most member of the team, Steven is a Zoology major with the highest amount of energy and forbearance to achieve his goals for a world where all the animals will be able to live their life without any negative human influence. He knows the first step toward that world would be an enlightened population believing not all insects deserve to be killed just because they exist.

In any case, even if you are looking to get rid of the most destructive insects, you need to know about them first. So, scroll through the hundreds of insect profiles and find what you are looking for.